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Free, Confidential Adoption Consultation?

We will send you an Uber or taxi and cover the cost, to and from your consultation. You will meet at a Jacksonville adoption agency or law firm where adoption professionals can provide you will all the information you need to make a knowledgable decision.

Should You Choose Adoption?

  1. You choose to allow your baby to live!
  2. You can pick the family that adopts your baby!
  3. You can remain a part of your child's life and it will be legally enforceable. (Your legal expenses will be covered)
  4. Your expenses are paid, including and not limited to:
    • Legal Expenses
    • Housing Expenses
    • Relocation to Safe Housing
    • Living Expenses (Groceries, Toiletries, etc.)
    • Medical Expenses

Do you want to adopt a baby?

If you are wondering how to adopt a baby, or have other questions, we would love to help. You may call 1-800-251-0497 or email us online.

Considering the Options of Adoption Vs. Abortion?

You may not be able to take care of a baby or you may choose not to. Far to many women choose abortion without realizing that thousands of families can not have children and would love to adopt a baby into their home. When you schedule a consultation you will get to see some of the families that are wanting to adopt a newborn. You will get to read their profiles and even schedule a time to meet with them if you want. If you just have questions that you want answers to then you can rest assured knowing that we will not pressure you to make a decision. We will only help you by providing information on how adoption works and what you can expect if you choose to let a family adopt your child.

Choose Who Adopts Your Baby

Before your baby is born, you can create a list of qualities that will be used to find an adoptive family for your new born. During your initial visit with adoption professionals you will have the opportunity to see books with pictures and other information about the families looking for children to adopt.

Picking your baby’s family is life changing. You are giving the new parents the most precious gift possible. In return, you can rest at night knowing your baby will grow up with love and dedication.

Want to know more about giving up a baby to adoption?

When you contact us we will schedule a time for you to meet with adoption agency staff or in some cases adoption lawyers who will go over what happens when you choose adoption. If you cannot get to the offices we will pay for Uber, Lyft or for a taxi to pick you up and bring you to the office. We will also pay for your ride home.

Can you get paid to have a baby?

You can receive financial support for having a baby that you place into a new family through adoption. The initial consultation will include information on what to expect.

Florida laws allow pregnant women who choose adoption to receive money during pregnancy and up to six weeks after the delivery of the baby. At a minimum you can expect to receive:

  • Contributions towards housing (i.e. rent and utilities)
  • Medical care
  • Free confidential counseling
  • Clothing.
  • Cell phone and service.
  • Transportation to and from doctors.

Don’t Delay Any Longer, Contact Us to Learn More About Placing a Baby for Adoption

We will not pressure you to make any decisions. The decisions that you make will affect the rest of your life and your baby’s. We are here to help you understand your options and to be a guide.

When you first make contact with us we schedule you a time for a consultation with professionals who know the adoption process from the inside, out. We will provide transportation at no cost to you for the initial meeting with adoption professionals. At the consultation you will learn about the process and how you can get started if adoption is the choice that you make. There are no costs for the pregnant mom in the adoption process.

For every single child that is adopted each year in the United States there are around 37 families waiting to adopt a child.

The nation’s largest government funded pregnancy center, Planned Parenthood’s, most current report states that from Oct. 1, 2011 to Sept. 30, 2012, the business performed 327,166 abortions while only promoting 2,197 adoption referrals. This comes out only 149 abortions for each adoption. The American tax payers may be literally paying Planned Parenthood to promote abortions.

Financial Difference Between Abortion and Placing a Baby for Adoption

Abortions will cost you anything from hundreds of dollars to thousands, depending upon your stage of pregnancy. Adoption, on the other hand, saves a life and can get you paid. You may receive money from the adoptive family that will help you cover pregnancy-related expenses like housing, food, utilities, transportation, medical expenses plus much more.

What About Emotion Costs After You Choose Life or Death?

Both adoption and abortion are emotionally difficult choices for a pregnant mother to make, but abortion can leave you with emotional scars that far out weigh the pain you may go through after placing your child for adoption. A woman who chooses adoption may be able to see the smile on her child’s face through pictures, or perhaps in person, but women who choose abortion struggle to envision their child’s face in any respect.

Post-abortion stress syndrome may last for several years, sometimes longer, and might manifest itself into symptoms like depression, as well as suicidal thoughts for which there is no associated cost.

Abortion is the End of the Road, Adoption is Just the Beginning

If you ultimately choose abortion, it will be the end a baby’s life. Adoption, specifically choosing open adoption, is only the start of your child’s life. If you decide on an open adoption you will have the ability to remain a part of your child’s life as they develop. Your newborn will most likely someday understand why you chose to put them up for adoption and a why the decision was the best on a long list of alternatives. Even if you ultimately choose to go through with a closed adoption, where your son or daughter will mature not knowing who you are, you nevertheless give them the opportunity at life.

Adoption, Abortion & Pregnancy Statistics

Pregnancy Statistics

  • Despite the decline in rates of teen pregnancy inside the US, nearly 820,000 women less than 18 conceive every year.
  • There are over 6 million pregnancies annually in the U.S.
  • Around 50% of pregnancies are not planned.
  • 18 days after intercourse, a baby’s heart is growing, and the eyes will develop.
  • By week three, the little heart is pumping blood through the body.
  • After 42 days, a baby’s brain waves can be recorded, and the baby’s skeleton is developed.
  • Almost 80% of babies born after 6 months will live.
  • In 2013, there were 26.6 births for each and every 1,000 adolescent women aged 15-19, or 274,641 children born to women in this particular age group. Around 89% of the them occurred away from marriage. The 2013 teen birth rate showed a drop of ten percent from 2012 when the birth rate was 2.94%.
  • About 80 percent of young women that conceive are not married.

Adoption Statistics

  • Almost two percent of U.S. children under the age of 18 are adopted.
  • From the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Adoption USA Chartbook, just before 1973, 8.7% of never married girls that gave birth designed a plan for adoption. However that figure dropped to 1% during the 1990s when abortion was more accepted.
  • About 4 in 10 USA adults have thought about adoption.
  • Ten million couples would like to adopt a baby.
  • Nearly 140,000 youngsters are adopted by new parents in the USA every year.
  • Since 1987, the quantity of adoptions annually inside U.S. has remained relatively constant, which range from 118 to 127 thousand.
  • The 2007 National Survey of Children’s Health survey showed that adopting families were usually married, highly educated, living in higher class neighborhoods and also have medical insurance.
  • 48% of potential parents who consider adoption choose their church for support and info.
  • Around 2% of unmarried women, at every age group, place their child up to be adopted.
  • Nearly one hundred million people in the US have adoption in their immediate family.

Abortion Statistics

  • Around 3,700 abortions take place every single day in the USA.
  • About 50% of unplanned pregnancies in America lead to abortion.
  • Around 84% of girls that have had an abortion say they would have kept their baby under other circumstances.
  • 4/ 5 of pregnancy centers report that women considering abortion choose to have their child if they see the ultrasound images.

Learn more about Adoption in Jacksonville!

The information and statistics used were gathered using United States of America’s government statistics. Women can get help with their pregnancy through free legal and mental counseling services while they weigh their options using firms such as The Always Hope Pregnancy Center in Jacksonville, FL that provides services to prospective mothers facing very difficult decisions. To learn more about their Florida adoption contact us now! 1-800-451-0597 or Email Us Here.